Stages of creation of the design project

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If to you services in creation of the design project of apartment, a cottage, office, shop or any other premise are required, address in Studio NikolaevDesign, and we will perform this work at the highest level.

We work under the following scheme:

the Stage 1. you by means of phone, the form on a site or e-mail contact us. We discuss works which are necessary for executing. Further our designer free of charge, comes at any time convenient for you on object for which it is necessary to execute the design project. Then our experts discuss with you variants of creation of the design project, we sign the contract and we carry out measurement of premises.

the Stage 2. the Given stage begins that we create the space-planning decision. It is the sketch of the future design project. We carry out zoning of premises, taking into account their mission, an arrangement of windows on solar and a shady side, entrance and interroom doors, and also taking into account possibility of change of a lay-out from the engineering and legal point of view. In need of re-planning we create an explication of premises, we confirm at you and we will co-ordinate in corresponding instances.

the Stage 3. At the third stage we study the style decision. Taking into account your wishes and preferences we choose styles of the future interiors. At style selection, being based on your individual tastes, and also tendencies and directions at registration of interiors, we create sketches of style decisions. Also at this stage there is a choice of a colour score for each interior and finishing materials steal up. We also recommend to you to order in us computer visualisation of interiors of photographic quality. It will allow to receive full representation how the interior after repair will look, and to bring additional updatings at a design stage, to receive the project which will correspond completely to your expectations.

the Stage 4. At this stage we create directly working documentation of the design project. Professionally executed by employees of our studio drawings are the full repair manual for builders and consider all existing norms and requirements.

Into the design project enter:

  • 1. Obmernyj the drawing.
  • 2. Planirovochnye of the decision. 1-2 variants are carried out.
  • 3. Style decisions. 1-2 variants are carried out.
  • 4. Colour scores.
  • 5. The Plan of dismantle of partitions and engineering communications.
  • 6. The Plan of erected partitions.
  • 7. The Explication of a premise after re-planning.
  • 8. The Plan of arrangement of furniture and other equipment.
  • 9. The Plan of placing of the sanitary-engineering equipment with a binding of releases and assembly drawings.
  • 10. The Plan of a ceiling with instructions of type of the material, separate knots, sections. The quantity of sheets depends on level of complexity of a ceiling.
  • 11. The Plan of placing of lighting devices with a binding of releases of illumination.
  • 12. The Plan of placing of switches with instructions of inclusion of groups of lighting devices.
  • 13. The Plan of placing of electric sockets and electroconclusions with a binding of their geometrical sizes.
  • 14. The Plan of a floor with instructions: marks of level of a floor, type of a floor covering, drawing and the sizes. A cut of a design of a floor with instructions of layers and covering materials. The quantity of sheets depends on complexity level.
  • 15. The Plan of placing of electroheating of a floor (it is carried out in case of need).
  • 16. The Cut and development of walls with decorative elements. The quantity of sheets depends on quantity of decorative elements.
  • 17. Development of walls with a tile apportion, with instructions of the sizes, the area and material type.
  • 18. Drawings of the products custom-made (it is carried out in case of need).
  • 19. The Specification of doors with instructions of dimensions.
  • 20. The Specification of fixtures with instructions of their technical characteristics.
  • 21. The Specification of electroassembly armature with instructions of technical characteristics.
  • 22. The Specification of the basic electric equipment.
  • 23. The furnish Sheet.
  • 24. The Explanatory note.

the Stage 5. On the fifth, the final stage, there is a design project embodiment. We will offer you experts who will professionally carry out repair of premises under the executed design project under the reasonable prices. Also we are ready to carry out architectural supervision of performance of the design project which will help to raise quality of executed works and to embody idea as much as possible precisely. During repair you can have additional wishes on interior registration, in this case we will operatively correct the project that will allow to avoid errors and additional expenditure.

After the termination of the repair executed under our design projects, customers receive interiors which are remembered to visitors and please owners many long years!